Move to the next generation in Hydrogen-on-Demand -
Unique patented design producing pure hydrogen.

Pure Hydrogen gives vehicles a carbon clean every time they drive, maintaining the benefits of a carbon clean every day.

Superior Carbon Emission Reduction & Nox gas elimination when

compared to other Hydrogen Fuel additive systems on the market today.

Eliminates common problems with lambda sensors associated with oxygen generation.


Once installed reduces  NOx, Hydrocarbons & Carbon Emissions associated with air pollution.

Immediate results – cuts tail pipe pollution in congestion hot spots, improves air quality.

No need to replace engine or install alternative fuel tanks.

Allows drivers and businesses to continue using current vehicles whilst reducing their emissions.

Guaranteed minimum of 10% saving in fuel consumption.

Full Product Liability Insurance & CE Accreditation.


What’s innovative about it?


Pure hydrogen - produces no oxygen issues for modern engine electronics (unlike HHO/Hydroxy gas systems available on the internet).

A Pure hydrogen generator in a retro fit system – small enough to fit on a motorbike or large enough for HGVs.

Can be installed on any age vehicle to immediately reduce the carbons being created resulting in reduced exhaust emissions and improved performance.

Low cost / Low maintenance.

Suitable for Petrol/Diesel/LPG & Hybrid - HGV, taxis, domestic cars, buses, plant, generators, marine and  more.

The H1 System - our most popular cell is made from durable polypropylene.

Excellent value for money costing less than half that of the price of the H1 Performance.

Designed with tight engine spaces in mind this cell measures 190x220x70mm.

This cell utilises the reservoir from the larger H1 Performance to generate the hydrogen in a compact space.

Can be fitted in multiples to supply hydrogen to HGVs and commercial plant.

The H1 Performance -  If you like to show off what is under your bonnet - then our polished marine grade stainless steel is the thing for you!

Made from 316L grade stainless steel, this System works in conjunction with 2 reservoirs to offer longer periods between top ups measuring330x150x80mm and 190x220x70mm for each of the reservoirs.

Can be fitted in multiples to supply hydrogen to HGVs and commercial plant.


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